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Data Sciences


There is certainly no lack of available data nowadays. It is a science as well as an art to determine what part of the data actually contains information we are interested in. To that end, that may need to be filtered, normalized and transformed, stored and then visualized after it has been acquired.

Visualization may be done on maps and using GIS systems, but may also be done with charts. They all usually require a Web front-end, meaning modern Web-frameworks and JavaScript are heavily used, even when they final output is a static chart or map.

We are specializing in data acquisition, transformation, and display techniques and can handle different languages, tools and platforms on premises or in the cloud.

Some of our work and show-cases are working with earthquake data, solar and spaceweather data, planetary and spaceobjects data or ADS-B message acquisition with a RTL-SDR device and display on Web-site (see github), to name a few examples.





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