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Digital Investigations

Digital Investigations News and media monitoring may require additional research leading into the verification and authentication of information found on public sources to ascertain it’s origin, veracity and correctness. It is often unclear, if the available information actually accurate, misleading or if it is just a fake. We call this kind of verification work with the title ‘digital forensics’.

To be able to investigate the authenticity and origin of texts, images, audios and videos found online is essential work today, as in the last two to three years, forgeries (so called fakes) have become common tools of online propagandists. It is important to understand where a text, image or video originates from, who produced it, where it was used and what information it is actually supposed to convey.

While ‘Google search’ is often helpful to perform quick checks, for example, if an image has been used before and when it appeared the first time, it is often not enough. Many texts, images and videos do not carry identification as to author, date and location and claims to that effect coming with these sources are sometimes, and in some cases, often, wrong. Geolocation can sometimes help, but may not be conclusive either. In addition, with modern tools, especially professional ones, it is possible to create fake images and videos that are essentially indistinguishable from real ones.

These investigations usually require the use of several techniques to identify likely fakes and can become quite elaborate and intensive investigations, spanning several topics and language areas.

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