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Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation Very often, it is difficult, to get an overview out of the information presented in text form. For example, in elections and votes, you might not see much by just getting presented the total number of yes or no votes and want to see the results per region. Or in conflicts, you don’t understand, which area is controlled by whom from the names of villages you’ve never heard of and don’t know where there are.

This is very data visualisation can help. We work with different tools depending on need, mostly with R for statistical and QGis for geographical data presentation, we have also worked with maps in image form for certain tasks, for example to show troop movements and change in front lines.

Data visualisation requires knowledge in several domains. Data needs to be acquired and cleansed or formated properly, which requires an understanding of the issue that you want to present. It also requires knowledge of database technologies if dataset become large. Often, public available data, such as administrative borders, are out of date and inaccurate, requiring clean up before use. That’s why we have our own shapefiles and multilingual geographical names databases for our focus regions and can produce them for any region as required or on demand.

We also offer services to verfiy visualised data and maps found on the internet. We verify them for accuracy. We’ve seen many examples of maps, especially in conflict situations, where information presented did not correspond to facts on the ground or presented misleadingly.



Pricing is highly individual, as it depends on the needs of the customer, which determines the amount of work and expertise needed to complete a job. It is thus best to contact us and discuss your needs so we can give you a price quote.

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