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Media Monitoring If you do not require a translation service for a specific text, but want to monitor what media in specific regions of the world write about a certain topic, or want to monitor events happening in a specific country or region, we can also help. Please note, we usually limit ourselves to digital sources without printed media.

Our focus is on economy, politics of countries in the EurAsien region, or more precisely, CIS countries, as well as Turkey, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan, Indian subcontinent and China and certain countries of the middle east, especially Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Egypt. Of course, we can also do countries outside that area, depending on customer needs.

Being multilingual is a big advantage, as much of the information is not, or not fully, available in other than the local language(s).

As an example, we did produce maps for the Nepal eartquake showing a snapshot of the numbers of dead and injured. The data was available in Nepali only (they use their own numbers too). We had to find it first and we couldn’t search for it in English – this gave no results, but needed to use Nepali. Then, we translated the data, cleansed and formated it and produced a map including earthquake data from scientific sources. You can view the results here. We were probably among the first in Europa (and Nepal) to present information this way – few days later, official sources in Nepal used the same approach.

As with translations, the pricing depends on your needs, extent of the topic and research needed to aquire the information, so it is best you let me know what you want and need and I’ll give you a quote. The contact information and webform is here.


Pricing is highly individual, as it depends on the needs of the customer, which determines the amount of work and expertise needed to complete a job. It is thus best to contact us and discuss your needs so we can give you a price quote.

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