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Translation Service While the Internet started out as a mostly English language resource, this is rapidly changing and nowadays, it is often the case that information is not, or not fully or timely, available in English or any other than the local language. This includes many official government websites, which may have no or only limited content on their English pages.

As experience has shown, one cannot always rely on media organisations to do proper research of the topics they bring up. Often, they don’t even read speeches or documents they comment on – or rely on translations that may or may not be accurate. For the consumer of such information, it is difficult or impossible to verify this information without knowing the language – online translation tools like Google, Yandex or Baidu might help – or they might not.

We translate documents, texts, textual image content and subtitle/transcript videos, for the moment, we do not offer simultaneous translation services.

We focus on the following languages:

  • Russian;
  • Persian (limited);
  • Turkish (limited);
  • German;
  • French;
  • English; and
  • Italian

We also used to cover other languages related to the above, however due to our shift in focus to a more IT services company, we discontinued offering translation services for these languages:

  • Azeri;
  • Tadjik;
  • Dari;
  • Kirgiz;
  • Kazakh;
  • Uzbek;
  • Turkmen;
  • Tatar;
  • Uighur;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Belorussian;
  • Serbian;



Pricing is highly individual, as it depends on the needs of the customer, which determines the amount of work and expertise needed to complete a job. It is thus best to contact us and discuss your needs so we can give you a price quote.

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