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Information sources on Internet are multilingual by nature, while English was and still is dominating language, it’s dominance has decreased and given way to other languages. This is especially true for most social media, probably with the exception of Twitter, which is mostly geared toward English speaking audience. On other social networks you may find other languages domination. For example VKontakte, Odnoklassiki, Moi Mir are mostly in Russian, while Weibo is mostly in Chinese language.

I provide services and advice in setting up, managing and usage of social media, like the well-known providers Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Coub, but also the maybe lesser known VKontakte, Moi Mir, Odnoklassiki and Weibo.
I can help you with multilingual/multiplatform campaigns, integration with your blogs and websites, as well as with multilanguage/multinational community management.


Pricing is highly individual, as it depends on the needs of the customer, which determines the amount of work and expertise needed to complete a job. It is thus best to contact us and discuss your needs so we can give you a price quote.

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