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Case Studies

Case Studies A few case studies will illustrate the type of work we do. Note that you may find that the examples here are not as thorough and complete as you may like to have – this is entirely on purpose. While we want to uphold a high quality standard in our work, these works were done pro bono on our own initiative, and for time-reasons, we don’t go as deep or are as detailed in our research and presentation, as with work we do for our customers (paying or pro-bono).

See our Recent Projects List (pdf, 4 pages, English only)

Data visualisation

The first example concerns the aftermath of the magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015.  The idea was to present an overview of the damages of the earthquake in terms of victims. The challenge was that the data of death an injured had to be acquired first from a reliable source in Nepal and that it was at the time only available in Nepali.
Once the data was found, district names and numbers (Nepal uses own numbers) had to be translated and the data processed, so it could be used to produce a map. The maps was published May 1, 2015 and to my knowledge we were among the first to do so.

This is the resulting map:

Nepal Earthquake Map

Languages: original in Nepali, translated into English and Russian
Tools used: LibreOffice Calc (data cleansing), QGis (map production) and GIMP (map image treatment)

A second example is our solarobservatory.ch website. This proof of concept site is intended to show, how scientific data, in this case, various information about solar cycles, sunspots and solar flares can be collected and be displayed to the user in graphical forms. Data an images are collected from several websites in various forms, and treated automatically, which give a website that is updating automatically, without human intervention. You'll find more information on the about page of the site.

Another example is our earthobservatory.ch website, which is to show how to work with scientific data in the fields of seismology and meteorology. This is work in progress and currently displays earthquake information for selected regions. There is more information on this on the about page of the site.

Languages: English
Tools used: Erlang, Yaws, Postgresql and Python3.

Media Monitoring

In several Mass Media outlets one could read articles titled similar to “Putin Classifying Troop Losses Proves They’re in Ukraine“. As is often the case with such articles, they are short on details and specifics – so we looked it up for them.
The small example led to quite a bit of work in the legal area in the Russian Federation. The said ‘law’ or ‘legal amendment’, actually a presidential Ukaz had to be located first, also the thing it amended had to be identified and located.

Languages: original in English (news articles) and Russian (laws), translated into English
Tools used: WordPress, Scribd (for documents) and GIMP (image treatment)

Digital Investigations

Some time ago, we found claims on social media of NATO CCDCOE involvement in certain Ukrainian government supported/sponsered ‘information websites’. The claim was, that the domain «psb4ukr.org» was somehow linked the «nato.int» to to NATO.
We checked the information available at the time, which relied on the results of a network command called «traceroute» and we showed, that this information was not enough to prove the connection existed.
However, the link could still be established via another domain (psb4ukr.ninja) which is linked to psb4urk.org. The domain was indeedregistered under NATO CCDCOE by an Ukrainian national working for the NATO CCDCOE. Note that the article is currently not available online.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English (sources) translated into English
Tools used: Linux (for network related work)


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