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IT Services Image As it turned out data science requires extensive knowledge not only of the subject matter being studies but also of IT technologies being used to collect, store and analyse the data. These services have become ever more important for us.

It all started with us needing to deliver data visualization in different, mostly scientific environments, such as solar physics, seismology and planetary science.

This required building a small data-centre from the ground up including networking, networking security, firewalling at the edge and on hosts, VLANing, IPv4 and IPv6 networking and subnetting, installation, configuration and security of FreeBSD and Linux (mostly Ubuntu, but also Fedora and CentOS), relational and nosql database development and security, web application development and security (mostly Python and Erlang) and went as far as learning Blockchain technologies and security including cryptography and finally our personal favourite, Quantum Computing, where we successfully ran our first programm on IMBQ written with Python and Qiskit.

Instead of writing lots of words here, you can look at our list of our Recent Projects (pdf, 4 pages, English only, you can run that through Google translations if you need a translated version).
If you have questions drop us a call or an e-mail.


Pricing is highly individual, as it depends on the needs of the customer, which determines the amount of work and expertise needed to complete a job. It is thus best to contact us and discuss your needs so we can give you a price quote.

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